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Welcome to our web site!

Located in Flour Bluff and behind the Funtrackers Park lies the Flour Bluff Convention Center.  The Flour Bluff Convention Center is the home of all shows produced by Cobra Productions Company.  The Convention Center is impressive and dedicated to conventions and entertainment of all kinds.

Among the conventions held there are the many Home and Garden and Hunting and Fishing Shows produced by Cobra Productions Company.  Our conventions draw large crowds and visitors from all over Texas.

Exhibitors can expect a responsive, targeted audience, with some booths consistently overwhelmed with potential buyers.  Visitors can expect a "Fun for the whole family" environment, with booths designed to keep mom and the kids happy.


Cobra Productions Company
P. O. Box 7079
Corpus Christi, TX 78467-7079 

Phone: (361) 857-2598

Fax: (361) 854-5779

The Great Outdoors Show (Formerly Tom Nix Hunting and Fishing Expo)




Please call for show dates and booking information.